Rustic Wooden Crates at Grand Designs Live 2016


Back in March 2016, Gina Everett asked us if we'd be happy to lend her two of our rustic wooden crates for her exhibition stand - read on, and you'll see why we were happy to give them to her.

Gina runs her own interior design business - Create Perfect - and had booked a space at Grand Designs Live at Excel in London. The theme of her stand design was 'Inspired by Famous Places That Never Existed - The Secret Garden' and she need two of our crates as part of the design.

We were happy to send them to Gina ready for the show, which started on Saturday 30th April, finishing on Sunday 8th May - for anyone who's worked at an exhibition before, that's a very tiring 9 days, especially with the build and dismantling days to take into account too!

However, the show was great success for Gina and for Chalkboards UK. The stand carried a graphic with all of the participating companies highlighted, plus Gina very kindly told everyone who asked where she got her rustic wooden crates from.

Gina's now taken the crates to her new home and will be sending us some pics of where they've ended up when it's been refurbished - designed by Gina no doubt!

If you would like any more information of Gina's interior design services, please visit

If you would like to know more about our rustic wooden crates, other wooden or chalkboard products, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01384 445844 or e-mail

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