Love Smoothies using chalkboards as a key marketing tool


Chalkboards UK has been working with Love Smoothies for a number years now, coming up with numerous chalkboard ideas that highlight their mouth-watering menu.

From large blackboards that grab customers' attention from afar, to mini-chalkboards on counters, each design is carefully thought out and then manufactured to our high standards.

What these boards really highlight is Chalkboard UK's ability to screen print quite complex full-colour designs. Most of the Love Smoothies designs are created by using full-colour (CMYK) and 4 spot colours, rather than digital printing. This allows them to be printed onto any chalkboard material, and provides a huge cost saving to the customer - approximately a fifth of the price on runs over 100.

These are some of the printed blackboards that Love Smoothies use to promote their drinks - A4 Easel and Chalkboard, A1 Wall-mountable Blackboard, A4 Easel and Whiteboard.

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