To Chalk Pen, or not to Chalk Pen...


At Chalkboards UK, we manufacture a wide range of blackboard products from various materials for different applications.

When we first started manufacturing chalkboards, over a decade ago, all our outdoor products were made using 6mm water-resistant MDF, painted with blackboard paint. These products worked well with stick chalk, which we still sell today.

We then started selling a limited range of liquid chalk pens - packs of white or assorted colours in 2 different nib sizes. We quickly realised that these pens caused a problem on the painted MDF. The liquid chalk applies very easily, can create some very vivid and impactful chalkboard messages, doesn't wash off in the rain; but, even using professional chalkboard cleaners, the liquid chalk leaves a ghosted image. Over time, this ghosting builds up and detracts from any new chalked messages.

We tried extra coats of blackboard paint, new cleaning materials and even supplying tins of blackboard paint, but none of the solutions we found were ideal.

After a great deal of research and tests with materials such as Foamex, we discovered a blackboard high pressure laminate (HPL), which was ideal for a whole range of our products - and the liquid chalk pens wipe off leaving no ghost image. The HPL has to be imported and is a very expensive material, so we decided to offer a choice between painted MDF and HPL, depending on the customer's requirements - but always advising to use stick chalk only with MDF.

We are now able to supply most of our products in a choice of painted MDF, Foamex, HPL and a new mid-price MDF product with an 'Easy to Clean' surface laminated onto both sides.

NEW Chalk Pen Range
On top of that, we've just expanded the chalk pen range to include some great new colours - CLICK HERE to visit the Chalk Pens Section.

Info Pages
There's more information on the website, with dedicated pages for Chalkboard Care and Chalkboard Surfaces.

If you would like any more information about these products and their application, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01384 445844 or e-mail

... but please don't forget - ONLY USE STICK CHALK on painted MDF!

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