Easiclean HPL Chalkboards


We’re all delighted to finally launch our new range of “easiclean” chalkboards - Guaranteed not to shadow and to provide an easy to clean chalkboard surface that lasts for a very long time.

Made from High Pressure Laminate (HPL) the boards bring a number of fantastic features to our existing range. HPL is extremely tough and provides a perfectly smooth surface. This makes for a brilliant printing material and is something we shall be recommending for our bespoke board customers.

The big plus is that HPL is so tough it can be wiped clean time and time again without damaging the surface, and because the surface can be wiped completely clean there is no shadow left from the previous image.
As well as introducing a range of standard Unframed HPL chalkboards we’ve also cherry picked some of our more popular lines, such as Framed HPL Chalkboards and A-Frame HPL Chalkboards, and manufactured an HPL version.

Chalkboard Manager, Matthew Branch, says: “This is something I’ve been trying to introduce for the past few months but it’s taken some time to source the HPL. It’s only now that that we’re happy we’ve secured the right product from the right supplier. Yes, High Pressure laminate Chalkboards are more expensive but the benefits are so huge that they quickly pay for themselves”

The full ChalkboardsUK range can viewed at www.chalkboardsuk.co.uk

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