Design and Print at Chalkboards UK


At Porter and Woodman Group, all departments work together to provide the best services possible.

The relationship between Print Services and Chalkboards UK is particularly close, with Print Services providing all the design and artwork facilities to produce printed chalkboards. There are a few examples here of our work together, but a much bigger range of printed work can be seen on the Chalkboards website, and there is now a case study page on the Print Services website.

The design and print service provided by Chalkboards UK can range from one-off chalkboards printed with the logo of a pub, restaurant or shop; to larger contract work for breweries, retail chains and soft drinks companies.

A large contract has recently been completed for the National Trust for A Frames printed in 5 colours and distributed on their behalf to their properties.

Print Services also provides the design and print facility for all other departments' marketing requirements, including Chalkboards UK's Chalk It Up newsletter.

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