Why 22,000 “Tombstones” can’t be wrong


In the quest to always find something new and different we often lose sight of the blindingly obvious.

The “Tombstone” tabletop chalkboard has been around for years, but is still a staple for the publican who wants to get a quick message or promotion in front of his or her customer.
Inexpensive yet effective and available in a number of sizes, the sturdy boards also offer a branding opportunity either at a local level with the name of the pub or bar across the top, or as an opportunity for a national brand to draw attention to its name and boost sales of its products.

ChalboardsUK have just completed their largest ever Tombstone order – 22,000, printed across three different brands, and all made in the UK in just 5 weeks – and we wouldn’t be selling these unless someone thought they were worth buying.

Of course, if you do fancy something a little bit different, we can help with that as well!


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