Lost in Translation - Tableau Noir ou un Chalkboard


Despite France being our closest neighbour, things can get a little lost in translation when trying to export chalkboards 26 miles across La Manche.

The French for chalkboard is Tableau, or Tableau Noir for blackboard. However, this can also mean a scene (or a dark scene in the case of Tableau Noir) or piece of art - so you have to be careful what you try to sell to our French cousins!

Here's a few translations of chalkboard or blackboard from around the UK and Europe:

English (UK) - Chalkboard or Blackboard
Welsh - Bwrdd Sialc
Gaelic (Scotland) - Bòrd-Dubh
Gaelic (Ireland) - Gclár Dubh
French - Tableau Noir
Dutch - Krijtbord
German - Tafel
Spanish - Pizarra
Italian - Lavagna
Polish - Tablica
Portuguese - Quadro-Negro
Danish - Kridttavle
Swedish - Tavlan
Norsk - Tavle
Suomi (Finnish) - Liiutaulu
Icelandic - Chalkboard
Estonian - Kriiditahvel
LatvianKrīta tāfeles
Czech -Tabule
Slovak - Tabule
Hungarian - Palatábla
Romanian - Tabla
Bosnian - Tabli
Serbianдоске (Doske)
Greek - Chalkboard
BulgarianЧерна (Cherna)
Russianдоске (Dose)
Georgian - Chalkboard
English (USA) - Neon Sign - there's no easy translation for our American cousins!

Wherever you're from, if you'd like to buy a tableau noir from us, as long as it's a chalkboard, please don't hesitate to call us on 01384 445844 or e-mail sales@chalkboardsuk.co.uk

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