Look What We Can Do - Bespoke Chalkboard Design & Print


At Chalkboards UK we pride ourselves in our extensive range of off-the-shelf chalkboard products, most of which we can deliver next day from stock.

There's no secret to the reason we have such a wide range of chalkboards on offer - it's because we design, print and manufacture everything here, in Stourbridge. We've spent years working with clients on bespoke design chalkboard projects, most of which are such great ideas, they end up as stock items too!

We've now put together a mini-brochure featuring a number of chalkboard and wooden packaging projects in which we've worked closely with clients to produce a stunning end-product that really is 'fit for purpose'. You can download a PDF copy of the brochure by clicking here, or give us a call on 01384 445844 and we'll send one out in the post to you.

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