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Here at Chalkboards UK we constantly get asked what's the best way to clean a chalkboard? Sounds simple but in reality it's not always the case.

A dry cloth like teachers used in classrooms no longer does the trick, mainly due to the invention of liquid chalk pens. Nowadays, there are a few ways to get that refreshing black surface looking as good as new.

The easiest way to clean a blackboard is by using a bowl of water and a smooth cloth. Wet the cloth to begin with and start taking the excess chalk off the surface - the wetter the better, rinsing the cloth out as much as possible. Continue this process until most of the chalk has gone. Then, to remove the final 'shadows' of chalk, use a window cleaner or our chalkboard cleaner with the cloth. This process will vary depending on how long the chalk has been on the blackboard.

If using our Easy to Clean Chalkboards then you only need to do each step above once, as the liquid chalk wipes off easily. If using our standard painted boards however, you may find after a number of uses the blackboard paint may start to come off (it's paint at the end of the day), therefore a quick re-coat may be needed.

There's a quick video on the steps to clean a chalkboard on our Youtube page...

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