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Chalkboards UK Launches New Website

Over the past few months, Porter & Woodman Group has been working hard to launch its new Chalkboards UK website.

We're proud to announce that the wait is now over as the new site went live last week.

The whole Group has contributed to the launch, writing copy, developing new products, taking pictures and formatting them for the web.

The new site is easier-to-use and has a much cleaner design, with clearer sections, helping visitors find what they're looking for much faster.

Print Services, the print department of P&W, has designed the Chalkboards UK newsletter - Chalk It Up! and a new Chalkboards presenter will be completed soon, reflecting the look and feel of the new site. 
Chalkboards UK are your One-Stop-Shop for Blackboards, Menu Holders, A-Boards, Easels, Poster Displays, Retail Displays, Home Chalkboards and much, much more!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact CUK on 01384 445844 or e-mail

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