A week to go!


Monday 26th April 2010

April Fools offer into last week!

A reminder to one and all that the Chalkboards UK's table top discount offer ends Friday!

So far this month the A4 Table top chalkboard has sold around a 1000 units online alone, which is about a 250% rise from the previous month. "We can't make them fast enough!" commented Production Manager Richard Tansell.

The “Tombstone” range is the most popular product in the Table Top range, especially the A4, as mentioned above. Available in sizes A5 up to A2 the “Tombstone” is the ideal way to promote an “in house” product, either by chalking on your own message or having it pre-printed by the Chalkboards UK Printshop.

“We've sold more of the A4 than the other sizes,” says Matthew, “with the price reduced from £8.95 down to just over £7, you can see why they have been so popular”.

A further 10% is available if 10 or more are ordered at the same time.

To find out more about the great April offers visit www.chalkboardsuk.co.uk and look for the “offer” lozenges or ring 01384 445844 and ask for details.

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