Final Week for March Madness Offer


Chalkboards UK's March Madness offer has just 7 days remaining. Don't forget to take full advantage of the 20% discount on the Wooden Poster Holders before 31st March.

The offer was launched on Monday March 8th on the website and over the first 3 weeks the company experienced a dramatic uplift in visitors to the site and orders for the promoted products.

“With spring on the horizon we thought this was a great time to promote our unique wooden poster holders, all of which are made at our factory in Stourbridge” said senior Chalkboards manager Matthew Branch. “Customers find the dual application of the holders really useful - when there is no poster on display the visible back board is a chalkboard which can be written on”.

The highlight of the offer is the Poster Holder A Board. 'An already competitive A Board Poster Holder just got cheaper' remarked Matthew. It’s substantial enough not to get blown around in a strong wind and attractive enough to catch the eye with its brass hinges and high quality finish. Not forgetting it can also be used as a chalkboard!

Visit the Poster Holder pages on our website for more information or call our sales team today on 01384 445844 to find out more.

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